About James Hart

James Hart CAC III:  Hello my name is James Hart.  I am a registered psychotherapist and certified addiction counselor III.  I have over 18 years of direct care experience serving individuals a with wide variety of mental health and addiction challenges.   I have worked in community mental health organizations, residential treatment facilities, homeless outreach programs, detox programs, aging and disability organizations, and in-patient psychiatric hospitals.

Private Practice:  I began my private practice in 2007 in Portland, Oregon. My work helping homeless individuals led to the creation of a care management focused recovery support practice.   I modeled my practice off of the work of Michael Kaplan MS who offered me clinical supervision during this start up phase.  Together we worked to support individuals struggling with complex co-occurring symptoms related to schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, major depression and substance use disorders. Support was offered to both the individual but also their families, medical providers, educational facilities, and employers to build strong healing networks and ensure people were able to pursue their passions in life.

Stillwater Healing Arts:  In 2011 I moved to Lyons Colorado.  My wife, Sara Hart ND, and I opened a holistic medical clinic Stillwater Healing Arts.  My practice since that time has broadened to help individuals, couples, and families.  I work to support people through difficult transitions: loss of work, relationship struggles, divorce, death and healing from difficult traumas.   I am confident being present with people struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and schizophrenia.  My understanding and compassion allows for deep exploration of addictive and habitual behaviors to unlock under used internal strengths.

Some of my other passions.  I am an actor and am currently am a company member of Sojourn Theatre. Check out these links for some of my previous work: The Penelope Project  and On the Table.  I also carried a spear with the best of them at Oregon Shakespeare Festival and did some fine work for 10 seasons at Harlequin Productions. I love living in Lyons, Colorado with my wife Sara and three daughters Eliana, Imogen, and Alice.  I enjoy bicycling, hiking, yoga, and snowboarding.


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