As an employer, colleague, supervisor and friend, I can say James Hart is one of the most excellent, reliable, effective, productive and skilled people i’ve ever had the pleasure to hire and know. His abilities as a counselor are tremendous- he excels at communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. He is creative, compassionate and always looking for productive ways to deal with whatever situation arises. 

–Michael Rohd Full Professor Arizona State University

Mr. Hart is a conscientious, sincere, devoted therapist who has worked with a very difficult population (addictions and substance abuse) with diligence and equanimity. He has worked with individuals and is an experienced group leader. He also has clear and strong ethical and moral values.

–Jeffrey M. Price owner/operator at The Center for Courageous Living

James Hart is an astute observer of human behavior and a highly skilled communicator.  He is low key and non-threatening in his approach to dialogue and questions, but can simultaneously hold people accountable to their words and actions.  He is constructive and practical and positive.   He provided excellent counsel to me, as a parent, to improve and solidify my relationship with my children.  The written Optimal Health Plan he created with my daughter particularly impressed me.

–Family therapy client

James Hart has a very practical approach to counseling that is based on the spoken and unspoken needs of the client. He is unusually good at listening for what motivating factors will engage a specific individual. This makes him much more effective than many other therapists and counselors who seem to have their own agenda. James is amazingly flexible in the many ways he can “help” by starting where the client is and working from there.

— Mother of a previous client

Being a provider in private practice I learned it was essential for several of my clients to have some form of case management whether it be help with work, social security, or life skills.  My clients and I found the work James Hart provides to be invaluable and would highly recommend providers to offer this service to their clients.

— Michelle Voegels Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner



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